Benin – Origin Of Voodo

Benin was known as the ancient kingdom of Dahomey, also associated with the warrior Amazon women, Voodoo worship and Batik art. Three must see cites include the picturesque village of Ganvie, Ouidah, the home of Voodoo and Abomey, the ancient capital. For the more adventurous tourist a visit to the Pendjari wildlife park in the North offers unique architectural designs.

Alexlovesafrica, Who's coming ?, CC BY-SA 4.0

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrive Cotonou and transfer to hotel

Day 2 - Full day tour of Cotonou and Porto Novo Visit the museum, market and port

Day 3 - Visit Ouidah, the home of Voodoo, the museum and snake worshipers. The museum features ancient relics and historical photos. A visit to the sacred forest and the Tomb of the founder of Haiti. Continue by pirogue to Ganvie. The villagers conduct all their business by pirogue. After Lunch and return to Cotonou

Day 4 - Visit Abomey, the walled –in city built in 1658. The Historic museum has a fine collection of tapestries, The tombs of previous kings, and the blacksmiths workshop noted for bronze, copper and iron design works. Overnight

Day 5 - Return to Cotonou, rest of day at leisure

Day 6 - Return to the USA (Voodoo ceremony can be arranged)