Mythical Mali

Mali is an ancient empire with many legendary cities along the Niger River. Timbuktu, Djenne, Mopti, Dogan, Segou. Enjoy tea rituals with The Blue men, and buy unique artifacts, do some trekking in the desert. The trip to the Dogan people; who live in caves atop the Bandiagara cliffs, is a memorable experience.

Pays Dogon 3 Mali by zerty31 is licensed under CC BY-ND

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrive Bamako, transfer to Grand Hotel or similar

Day 2 - Tour Bamako, a brash cacophony of music,Motorbikes, wheelers & dealers in and around, and The Grande Marche. The museum offers a fascinating Collection of art and mini architectural displays

Day 3 - Full day excursion to Koulikoro, visiting several villages, along the river. See Dance of the Marionettes. Return to Bamako

Day 4 - Morning flight to legendary Timbuktu, tour and overnight

Day 5 - Morning flight to Mopti, pirogue ride visiting villages. Experience sunset on the Niger River before return to your hotel

Day 6 - DJENNE - Full day guided tour of historic Djenne. Tour the large, well preserved mosque noted for its architecture. Visit the local market for blankets and unique jewelry.

Day 7 - The Dogan Country - Full day tour of the fascinating Dogan where cliff dwelling tribes preserve elaborate cultivation and traditional rites. Visit Sangha village atop the Bandiagara cliffs, go inside homes and buy distinctive Dogan carvings. Pm return to Mopti.

Day 8 - Morning flight to Bamako, evening return to USA